Revolutionizing Construction: Volvo’s Mobile Charging Solutions


Volvo Construction Equipment (CE) and Penta recently introduced two innovative mobile charging solutions at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in Las Vegas. The first solution, the PU750, is a mobile DC fast charging unit that can fully charge heavy equipment on-site without the need for a converter. It offers 750 kWh of power and can recharge a Volvo EC230 Electric excavator multiple times before needing a recharge itself. The second solution, the PU130, is a portable Level 2 charger designed for compact machines, providing 130 kWh of energy storage capacity and 20 kW charge rate.

Why does it matter?

These mobile charging units represent a significant step towards electrifying construction job sites and reducing carbon emissions in the industry. By offering fast and efficient charging options for both large and compact equipment, Volvo is addressing the growing need for sustainable technology in heavy machinery. The collaboration between Volvo CE, Penta, and UIG aims to maximize on- and off-grid charging capabilities, making it easier for fleet managers to transition to electric machines and reduce their environmental impact.

How is it going to shape the future?

The introduction of Volvo’s mobile charging solutions demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing practical solutions for carbon reduction in the construction sector. As regulations and environmental requirements push fleets towards electrification, these charging units will play a crucial role in enabling faster adoption of electric equipment. By making charging convenient and efficient, Volvo is paving the way for a more sustainable future in construction, where reducing emissions and enhancing operational efficiency go hand in hand. This development sets a new standard for the industry, encouraging other companies to prioritize eco-friendly solutions in their construction practices.