Breaking: Nissan’s Rogue-Like Electric SUV Production Delays Continue

Nissan is facing more production delays as it prepares to launch a new Rogue-like electric SUV in the US. The electric crossover SUV, similar in size to Nissan’s Rogue Sport, will be the fifth EV produced at the Canton, Miss plant. However, EV production at the facility has been delayed for the second time this year, with plans to start building electric cars pushed back from June 2026 to November 2026 due to the need to enhance product competitiveness.


The new EV, codenamed PZ1L, will mark Nissan’s foray into the electric crossover market in the US and is part of the company’s strategy to expand its EV lineup. In addition to the Rogue-like electric SUV, Nissan plans to introduce two new electric sedans, one under the Nissan brand and another under the Infiniti brand. Despite the delays in production, Nissan remains committed to meeting customer demand for electric vehicles at the right time.

Why does it matter?

Nissan’s decision to delay EV production raises concerns about the automaker’s ability to compete in the rapidly growing electric vehicle market. With competitors launching similar-sized EVs, such as Tesla and other major automakers, Nissan must address production delays to stay relevant and maintain its market share. The company’s shift towards electrification is crucial for its long-term sustainability and success in the evolving automotive industry.

How is it going to shape the future?

As Nissan navigates production challenges and works on bringing its new electric vehicles to market, the company faces a critical juncture in shaping its future. The success of the upcoming Rogue-like electric SUV and other EV models will play a significant role in determining Nissan’s position in the electric vehicle market. With consumer preferences shifting towards electric vehicles and increasing competition in the industry, Nissan’s ability to streamline production and meet market demand will be essential for its growth and relevance in the coming years. Stay tuned for updates on Nissan’s EV production plans and how the company plans to overcome its current production setbacks.