GM Revives Plug-In Hybrids for U.S. Market 2027

General Motors is bringing back plug-in hybrids to the U.S. market in 2027, a strategic move following new federal vehicle emissions regulations and changing consumer demand dynamics. GM CEO Mary Barra announced that the first plug-in hybrid models will hit North American dealerships in 2027, aligning with the implementation of stricter tailpipe emissions-cutting rules.


After discontinuing plug-in hybrids in the U.S. five years ago with the discontinuation of the Chevrolet Volt, General Motors is reintroducing them to meet evolving regulatory requirements and cater to consumers seeking alternatives to full electric vehicles. Starting in 2027, U.S. automakers must annually improve fuel efficiency by 2% for cars and 4% for light trucks, aiming for an average fuel economy of 58 miles per gallon per vehicle by 2032.

Why does it matter?

While GM remains committed to its electric vehicle (EV) lineup, including models like the Chevrolet Equinox EV and Silverado EV, the resurgence of plug-in hybrids complements its broader strategy. Barra emphasized the importance of plug-in hybrids in regulatory compliance and expanding consumer options in response to changing market dynamics and fluctuating EV demand.

How is it going to shape the future?

GM’s decision to bring back plug-in hybrids signifies a multi-faceted approach to vehicle electrification, balancing regulatory requirements with consumer preferences. As the automotive industry shifts towards electrification, the coexistence of plug-in hybrids and EVs in GM’s portfolio reflects a nuanced strategy to meet diverse market needs and regulatory standards effectively.

Looking ahead, GM’s reintroduction of plug-in hybrids raises questions about the lineup of combustion-powered vehicles with electrical plugs that will be available in the U.S. market. While the Chevrolet Volt was GM’s last plug-in hybrid in North America before it transitioned to an all-electric future, the company’s presence in the Chinese market with plug-in hybrids suggests potential rebranding or adaptation for the U.S. market, such as the Buick Velite 6 or Wuling Starlight sedan offerings.

As GM explores opportunities to reintroduce plug-in hybrids to the U.S. market, consumers can anticipate a diversified vehicle lineup that combines traditional combustion engines with electrified powertrains, catering to a broad spectrum of preferences and regulatory requirements. GM’s strategic reentry into the plug-in hybrid segment underscores its commitment to innovation and sustainability in an ever-evolving automotive landscape.