BYD Seal 06 DM-i: Unveiled Specs Comparison with Qin L!


Real-world images of the BYD Seal 06 DM-i have been leaked online, showcasing BYD’s new fifth-generation plug-in hybrid technology. The Seal 06 DM-I, a PHEV, is set to launch by the end of this month. Originally part of the all-electric Ocean series in 2022, the Seal 06 DM-I aims to fit between the Destroyer 05 and Seal DM-I models in BYD’s lineup. It boasts unique dimensions, with a shorter wheelbase but larger height compared to its electric counterparts.

Why does it matter?

The BYD Seal 06 DM-I shares many similarities with the Qin L model, including interior features like an 8.8-inch instrument cluster and a center screen, six airbags, and a mobile phone NFC key. Higher-spec models offer a 15.6-inch rotating center screen, front seat heating and ventilation, and similar powertrain specifications to the Qin L. The Seal 06 DM-I also mirrors the Qin L in terms of engine capacity, electric motor power, and battery pack size. However, the range estimates for the Seal 06 DM-I surpass those of the Qin L, providing potential buyers with some food for thought.

How is it going to shape the future?

BYD’s extensive model lineup and naming conventions may confuse consumers, as there are now multiple Seal cars on different platforms, each with its own unique characteristics. The Sea Lion and Song L models, while essentially the same car, cater to varied tastes through different stylings. The Dynasty and Ocean series showcase BYD’s attempt to cater to diverse customer groups but result in overlapping models, potentially adding to the confusion in the market. The unveiling of the Seal 06 DM-I adds another dimension to BYD’s lineup, prompting speculation on how the brand will distinguish its various offerings in the ever-evolving automotive landscape.