$17,000 Savings in One Hour: Australia’s Electric Truck Show Success

In Australia’s first electric truck show, Team Global Express and Jet Charge shared insights on their new $44 million electric last-mile delivery hub in Western Sydney. Supported by $20 million from ARENA, the hub features 60 electric delivery trucks, battery storage, and rooftop solar, leading to impressive savings from grid costs – with $17,000 saved in just one hour.


The project boasts 63 chargers, a 1 MWh battery, and a 400 kW solar system. With 800 kilowatts of charging power, the site uses cutting-edge technology to optimize energy usage and costs. The conference, Truck Show X, convened industry leaders and government officials, sparking conversations on the future of Australian trucking and sustainable transport solutions.

Why does it matter?

Attendees praised the event for fostering connections and discussing critical topics like electric trucks, charging infrastructure, and government funding. NewVolt’s CEO advocated for an Australian electric truck charging network, highlighting the country’s potential with abundant renewable energy resources and streamlined freight corridors. The conference emphasized the urgent need for a sustainable shift in the road freight sector.

How is it going to shape the future?

With the success of Truck Show X and the growing momentum towards cleaner transport solutions, Australia’s road freight industry is poised for significant change. HVIA’s CEO described the transition as the most substantial in over a century, showcasing the industry’s rapid evolution and innovation. As the country focuses on decarbonization and energy efficiency, events like Truck Show X play a crucial role in driving progress and shaping the future of transportation in Australia.

Source: https://thedriven.io/2024/05/20/we-saved-17000-in-one-hour-australias-first-electric-truck-show-gets-taste-of-the-future/