LiveWire’s Harley-Davidson E-Bike Concept Resurrected!


The article discusses LiveWire’s resurrection of an old Harley-Davidson electric bicycle/dirtbike concept that was originally revealed in 2018 but never came to fruition. The recent patent filing showcases the same design featuring a bicycle-style frame, suspension setup, and a finned battery pack. The author questions why LiveWire would revisit this old concept for a new patent and speculates about potential future offerings from the brand.

Why Does It Matter?

The reemergence of this long-forgotten EV dirtbike/bicycle concept raises eyebrows and suggests that LiveWire might have plans to bring this design to life. As LiveWire faces financial challenges and high prices for its current offerings, introducing a more affordable electric bike could generate quick revenue and attract a new audience. The unique design of the concept could appeal to urban consumers and potentially help LiveWire gain traction in the market.

How Is It Going to Shape the Future?

While the article doesn’t provide concrete answers, it speculates that LiveWire may be gearing up to launch a more budget-friendly e-bike or a similar product priced around $10,000. Introducing such a vehicle could contribute positively to LiveWire’s financial situation and allow the brand to tap into a new demographic. Overall, the potential resurrection of the Harley-Davidson e-bike concept hints at interesting developments in LiveWire’s product lineup and market strategy moving forward.