Nio’s Onvo L60: Tesla Rival with 40% More Range!

Nio is taking on Tesla’s Model Y with its new Onvo L60, boasting an optional ultra-long-range battery that could provide up to 1,000 kilometers on the Chinese CLTC test cycle. This new model, part of Nio’s sub-brand Onvo, comes with a price tag 12% cheaper than the Model Y, making it a more affordable alternative. With a focus on global sales, particularly in Europe, Nio is eyeing a strong position in the competitive electric vehicle market.


Nio’s Onvo L60 is a new electric coupe-like crossover aiming to rival Tesla’s Model Y. It features an optional ultra-long-range battery that outperforms the Model Y in terms of range. The starting price in China is significantly lower than the Model Y, making it an attractive option for buyers looking for an affordable electric vehicle.

Why does it matter?

The Onvo L60’s impressive range and competitive pricing position it as a strong contender in the electric vehicle market. With a design reminiscent of Tesla vehicles and a focus on efficiency and performance, Nio is targeting global sales, with Europe as a key market outside of China. The push for international expansion showcases Nio’s ambition to compete on a global scale.

How is it going to shape the future?

Nio’s entry into the electric vehicle market with the Onvo L60 demonstrates the growing competition and innovation in the industry. By offering a more affordable alternative with advanced technology and impressive range, Nio is setting the stage for a shift towards more accessible and sustainable transportation options. As Nio looks to expand globally, the Onvo L60 could pave the way for increased adoption of electric vehicles worldwide.