Kia’s Electric Pickup: Ford F-150 Lightning Rival Revealed!


Kia is shaking up the electric vehicle market with its testing of an electric pickup in the US, rumored to be a rival to the Ford F-150 Lightning. This move is part of Kia’s broader strategy to expand its electric vehicle offerings in the US market. The electric pickup spotted testing resembles the Ford F-150 Lightning and features design cues similar to Kia’s popular EV9 SUV.

Why does it matter?

The emergence of an electric pickup from Kia signals the brand’s commitment to electrification and its intention to compete in the growing US electric pickup market alongside big players like Tesla, Ford, and Rivian. By planning to launch two electric pickup trucks by 2027, Kia aims to capitalize on the popularity of mid-size SUVs and pickups in the US while meeting the increasing demand for electric vehicles.

The electric pickup, based on Hyundai’s next-gen EV platform, is anticipated to offer enhanced range and affordability, building on the success of Kia’s EV9 SUV, which achieved record sales in April. Kia’s aggressive push into the electric vehicle space, including generous discounts on EV models, is poised to attract environmentally conscious consumers looking to transition to electric vehicles without breaking the bank.

How is it going to shape the future?

Kia’s foray into electric pickups is a strategic move that could disrupt the US electric vehicle market dominated by established players. By introducing an electric pickup that mirrors the popular Ford F-150 Lightning, Kia is positioning itself to cater to a wider range of consumers seeking eco-friendly alternatives in the truck segment. With local production set to commence in 2024 and promising cost savings on offer, Kia’s electric pickup could pave the way for a more diverse and competitive electric vehicle landscape in the US.

As Kia continues to expand its electric vehicle lineup and offer compelling incentives for consumers to make the switch to electric, we can expect to see accelerated growth in the adoption of electric vehicles in the US market. Consumers looking for a versatile and environmentally friendly pickup truck option may soon find a compelling choice in Kia’s upcoming electric pickup, challenging industry norms and shaping the future of sustainable transportation.