Kia Electric Pickup Truck Testing in the U.S.


Kia has been spotted testing an all-electric mid-size pickup truck in the United States. The prototype, resembling the EV9 with Santa Cruz taillights, was seen with a mix of body panels in California. Expected to debut in 2026, this electric truck is part of Kia’s plan to enter the pickup truck market with at least three models. The prototype shares similarities with the EV9 three-row SUV and features elements like an EV9-like face and Santa Cruz-like taillights. Additionally, it is anticipated to be based on the same E-GMP platform used for models such as the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6.

Why Does It Matter?

Kia’s foray into electric pickup trucks signifies a strategic move by the automaker to expand its electric vehicle lineup and compete in the growing market for sustainable transportation solutions. By utilizing a modular platform and common design elements across different models, Kia aims to streamline production processes and offer cost-effective electric vehicles to consumers. The sighting of the electric prototype being tested in the U.S. hints at Kia’s commitment to catering to the American market’s evolving preferences for electric vehicles.

How Is It Going to Shape the Future?

The emergence of Kia’s electric pickup truck signals a shift towards sustainable transportation solutions in the pickup truck segment, traditionally dominated by combustion-powered vehicles. By leveraging the E-GMP platform and incorporating innovative design features, Kia is poised to offer a compelling alternative to traditional mid-size pickups. The anticipated debut of the electric truck in 2026 aligns with Kia’s strategy to diversify its product offerings and establish a presence in the rapidly growing electric vehicle market. Furthermore, the potential manufacturing of the electric pickup truck in the U.S. could not only leverage tax incentives but also contribute to the local economy and support efforts to reduce emissions in the transportation sector. As Kia continues to expand its electric vehicle portfolio, the introduction of the electric pickup truck represents a significant step towards achieving a more sustainable future for the automotive industry.