IM L6: 6,000 Units Sold in 48 Hours!


The IM L6, a new medium-to-large pure electric sedan under IM Motors, took the automotive world by storm by racking up over 6,000 lock orders within just 48 hours of its launch. This game-changing vehicle offers five different models with prices ranging from 219,900 to 345,900 yuan (30,400 to 47,800 USD). One of the models, the Max Lightyear, boasts a groundbreaking first-generation mass-produced Lightyear semi-solid state battery, providing an impressive 1,000 km of CLTC cruising range. Delivery for this model is set to begin in October, while the other four models offer cruising ranges from 650 km to 850 km. Additionally, the IM L6 features cutting-edge technology like the lizard digital chassis, intelligent four-wheel steering, and a host of sensors for advanced safety and autonomous driving capabilities.

Why does it matter?

The IM L6’s rapid success highlights the growing demand for high-performance electric vehicles with long driving ranges and advanced features. With its sleek design, innovative battery technology, and state-of-the-art driving assistance systems, the IM L6 is not just a vehicle—it’s a statement of the future of automotive engineering. By integrating top-tier components such as the NVIDIA DRIVE Orin X chip and an intelligent light language system, IM Motors is setting a new benchmark for electric vehicles in terms of performance, safety, and convenience.

How is it going to shape the future?

The IM L6’s groundbreaking features and impressive sales figures signal a shift towards electric vehicles that prioritize range, performance, and technological innovation. As more consumers embrace electric mobility, vehicles like the IM L6 will play a crucial role in accelerating the transition towards a sustainable transportation ecosystem. With its advanced autonomous driving capabilities and cutting-edge design elements, the IM L6 is not just redefining electric vehicles—it’s shaping the future of the automotive industry as a whole.