Hydrogen Vehicle Sales Plummet: EVs Dominate Market


Global sales of hydrogen vehicles have taken a significant hit in the first quarter of 2024, with only 2,382 fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) sold worldwide, marking a 36.4% decline from the previous year. Major FCEV manufacturers, Hyundai and Toyota, experienced sales drops, with Toyota selling 868 units (down 4.2%) and Hyundai selling 691 units (down a staggering 66.2%). These figures pale in comparison to the thriving market of electric vehicles (EVs), with 9.5 million full battery EVs sold globally in 2023 and an expected 17 million in 2024.

Why does it matter?

The stark contrast between hydrogen vehicle sales and EV sales sheds light on the challenges facing FCEVs. Hyundai’s notable decline in FCEV sales led to significant drops in the US and Korea, reflecting a lack of consumer interest, particularly in the Nexo SUV. While Europe and Japan saw slight increases in FCEV sales, the numbers remain modest, emphasizing the struggle for hydrogen vehicles to gain traction in the market. Issues such as limited FCEV options and fueling station problems in the US and Korea further hinder the adoption of hydrogen vehicles.

How is it going to shape the future?

The persistent challenges in the hydrogen vehicle sector, including infrastructure limitations, safety concerns, rising charging costs, and durability issues, are driving customers away from FCEVs. The dominance of EVs in the market, coupled with ongoing setbacks in the hydrogen vehicle industry, points towards a future where electric vehicles continue to overshadow hydrogen-powered alternatives. As the market dynamics shift towards sustainable transportation solutions, the uphill battle for hydrogen vehicles to capture consumer attention remains evident, highlighting the formidable position of EVs in the automotive landscape.

This summary illuminates the struggles of hydrogen vehicles amidst the rising tide of electric vehicles, painting a picture of an industry where adoption rates and market share are heavily skewed towards EVs.

Source: https://thedriven.io/2024/05/16/global-hydrogen-vehicle-sales-plunge-further-to-be-tiny-fraction-of-ev-sales/