Bricklin 3EV: Real Deal or Questionable Hype?

The car world is abuzz with the unveiling of the new Bricklin 3EV, a futuristic vehicle that has sparked both curiosity and skepticism. Visionary Vehicles, the company behind this sleek electric car, has defied the odds by transitioning from a mere rendering to a tangible prototype.


The Bricklin 3EV stands out with its unique design, featuring three wheels and a body-on-frame construction. Although details are scarce, the company promises exceptional performance and a luxurious driving experience. Boasting a range of over 275 miles, this electric vehicle is engineered by race car designers and features an eye-catching interior with advanced technology.

Why does it matter?

With a starting price of $28,980, the Bricklin 3EV aims to offer an affordable yet cutting-edge alternative in the electric car market. Despite the bold claims and impressive features, there is uncertainty surrounding the production timeline, pre-orders, and availability. The skepticism surrounding the new Bricklin is palpable, but the existence of a functioning prototype signals a potential shift from concept to reality.

How is it going to shape the future?

The Bricklin 3EV’s entry into the electric vehicle arena adds another layer of diversity and competition to the market. If Visionary Vehicles can deliver on its promises and bring the 3EV to production, it could pave the way for innovative design and technology in affordable electric cars. Whether the Bricklin 3EV will live up to the hype or fade into obscurity remains to be seen, but its presence challenges the status quo and pushes boundaries in the automotive industry.