Xpeng’s Mona Sub-Brand Employs BYD Batteries


Xpeng will utilize batteries from BYD for its Mona sub-brand, trailing behind Nio’s Onvo sub-brand which also opted for BYD batteries. The first Mona model, set to debut in June 2024, boasts a range exceeding 500 kilometers, in comparison to Xpeng G6’s 580 km range. The Mona model is currently in the Production Trial phase at Xpeng’s Zhaoqing plant in China.

Why does it matter?

This partnership between Xpeng and BYD indicates a strategic move towards enhancing the performance and capabilities of Xpeng’s new electric vehicles under the Mona sub-brand. By choosing BYD batteries, known for their quality and reliability, Xpeng aims to compete in the ever-evolving electric vehicle market, especially against rival brands that have also selected BYD as their battery supplier. The development of the Mona model signifies Xpeng’s commitment to innovation and meeting the growing demand for electric vehicles with extended range capabilities.

How is it going to shape the future?

The integration of BYD batteries in Xpeng’s Mona sub-brand sets a precedent for future collaborations, as Xpeng foresees annual sales of at least 100,000 units for the brand. With a focus on affordability and advanced technology, the Mona model is positioned to attract customers looking for an electric vehicle with competitive range and smart features. By leveraging the expertise of in-house executives like Jiang Wen to lead the Mona program, Xpeng is poised to establish a strong foothold in the electric vehicle market, setting the stage for potential expansion and innovation in the coming years.

Source: https://cnevpost.com/2024/05/14/xpeng-mona-to-use-byd-batteries-report/