Unveiling My Tromox MC10 TrailX Experience!

On a recent trip to China, the author had the opportunity to test ride the Tromox MC10 TrailX electric motorcycle, set to make waves in the micromobility world. This bike stands out for its performance and compact design, aiming to shake up the Sur Ron and Talaria communities with its impressive power and trail-riding capabilities.


The Tromox MC10 TrailX boasts a powerful 12.5 kW motor and top-notch suspension, making it ideal for off-road exploration. During the test ride at a motocross track, the author found the bike to be slightly larger than the Sur Ron but significantly more powerful. Despite being a street rider, they enjoyed the dirt-slinging torque and extended battery life of the MC10.

Why does it matter?

The MC10’s ability to handle rough terrain and steep climbs with ease, coupled with its comfortable sizing and unique design, positions it well for recreational and enthusiast riders looking for an adventure. The bike’s performance on the track showcased its potential for trail riding, hinting at its versatility beyond motocross settings.

How is it going to shape the future?

As the MC10 TrailX prepares for its US market debut, its pricing and competition with established brands like Sur Ron and Talaria will be crucial. However, based on its impressive performance and innovative design, the MC10 is poised to make a mark in the electric motorcycle space. With its blend of power, endurance, and style, the Tromox MC10 TrailX could redefine expectations for off-road electric bikes.

This firsthand experience offers a glimpse into the exciting potential of the Tromox MC10 TrailX, setting the stage for a thrilling entry into the electric motorcycle market.

Source: https://electrek.co/2024/05/14/i-tested-the-tromox-mc10-electric-trail-bike-its-a-sur-ron-talaria-killer/