EVgo Introduces NACS Connectors for Tesla Drivers


EVgo, a charging provider, is set to start deploying North American Charging Standard (NACS) connectors on its DC fast charging network. These new connectors aim to serve both CCS and NACS electric vehicles, particularly benefiting Tesla drivers in areas with high NACS vehicle penetration. The move is part of EVgo’s strategy to increase charger utilization, with overall network utilization in Q1 2024 showing significant growth compared to the previous year. The CEO of EVgo, Badar Khan, highlighted the potential for collaboration with partners to deploy more fast charging infrastructure in convenient locations for drivers. Notably, EVgo’s plug-and-charge feature, Autocharge+, will be available to over 50 EV models, including Teslas compatible with the Tesla-made CCS adapter.

Why does it matter?

The introduction of NACS connectors by EVgo represents a significant step in catering to the needs of Tesla drivers and expanding charging options for electric vehicle owners. By focusing on markets with high NACS vehicle penetration, EVgo aims to enhance the accessibility and efficiency of its charging network. The utilization data suggests a growing demand for fast charging services, driving the push for further infrastructure development to meet the needs of the expanding electric vehicle market. The emphasis on collaboration with strategic partners underscores the importance of industry cooperation in advancing sustainable transportation solutions.

How is it going to shape the future?

EVgo’s deployment of NACS connectors marks a strategic move to accommodate the evolving electric vehicle landscape, particularly the increasing presence of Tesla vehicles on the roads. By offering compatibility with a wide range of electric vehicles and high-power charging capabilities, EVgo is positioning itself as a key player in the charging infrastructure market. The expansion of fast charging options, coupled with innovative features like Autocharge+, reflects the industry’s commitment to enhancing user experience and promoting electric vehicle adoption. As EVgo continues to invest in advanced technologies and network expansion, the future of fast charging looks promising for both current and future EV owners.

Source: https://electrek.co/2024/05/14/tesla-drivers-evgo-is-about-to-begin-nacs-deployments-on-its-dc-fast-chargers/