Discover 10 Secrets of Velotric’s Superior Electric Bikes


Velotric’s electric bikes, particularly the Discover 2 model, boast a range of unique features setting them apart from the competition. From UL certification for safety, a proprietary drive system, quality manufacturing, to innovative design details like a built-in battery handle and exceptional waterproofing, Velotric’s attention to detail shines through. The Discover 2 offers true 750W continuous-rated motors, exquisite suspension, Apple FindMy integration, and 15 levels of PAS settings for an unmatched riding experience.

Why does it matter?

Velotric’s dedication to safety is evident in their attainment of UL certifications, ensuring their bikes meet the highest standards. By using proprietary systems and quality manufacturing, Velotric can deliver high-performing bikes with impressive torque, range, and durability. Features like the included battery handle and superior waterproofing add convenience and peace of mind for riders. With Apple FindMy integration and exceptional suspension, Velotric prioritizes security and comfort in their e-bikes, setting a new standard in the market.

How is it going to shape the future?

The meticulous design and innovative features of Velotric’s Discover 2 hint at where electric bike technology is heading. By focusing on advanced components like a high-performance motor and quality suspension, Velotric is raising the bar for e-bike manufacturers. The integration of Apple FindMy technology and attention to detail in every aspect of the bike’s construction exemplify a future where electric bikes are not only efficient and powerful but also safe and user-friendly. Velotric’s commitment to delivering top-notch electric bikes that prioritize performance, safety, and rider experience is likely to influence the industry’s standards moving forward.