Lucid Unveils $48,000 ‘Earth’ EV Model

Lucid Motors is stirring up the electric vehicle market with its anticipated $48,000 midsize EV named “Earth,” a trademark application revealed. The Earth is set to hit production in 2026 as Lucid’s most budget-friendly option yet, following the more luxurious Air sedan and Gravity SUV. Competing head-to-head with the Tesla Model Y, Lucid’s Earth aims to offer affordability without compromising quality.


The unveiling of Lucid’s Earth, set to be the automaker’s third passenger model, promises a more accessible price point of around $48,000. The US trademark application hints at multiple variations of the Earth, including the standard model, Lucid Earth, and Earth Dream Edition. This new addition to Lucid’s lineup seeks to attract a broader range of customers looking for an electric vehicle that combines performance, luxury, and affordability.

Why Does It Matter?

With the Earth EV, Lucid aims to diversify its product range and tap into the expanding market for midsize electric crossovers. By offering a competitively priced model, Lucid is positioning itself to challenge Tesla’s dominance in the electric vehicle sector. The potential success of the Earth could bolster Lucid’s financial standing and pave the way for future innovations in the EV industry.

How Is It Going to Shape the Future?

As Lucid prepares to introduce the Earth in 2026, industry experts are eager to see how this midsize EV will impact the market. With the Earth poised to compete directly with the Tesla Model Y, consumers can anticipate more options in the mid-priced electric vehicle segment. Lucid’s strategic move to offer a more affordable model could potentially drive up sales and propel the company towards greater profitability and sustainability in the long run.

In summary, Lucid’s unveiling of the Earth EV represents a significant step towards democratizing electric vehicles and expanding consumer choices in the EV market. With its combination of affordability and performance, the Earth has the potential to not only disrupt the status quo but also pave the way for a more diverse and competitive electric vehicle landscape.