Dive into Lucid Motors’ Potential Mid-Size EV Names

Lucid Motors, known for its innovative electric vehicles, has stirred up excitement with trademark filings hinting at potential names for its upcoming “Mid-Size” EVs. Names like Lucid Earth, Lucid Space, and Palos have been tossed around, sparking speculation and anticipation among EV enthusiasts. While details on these new models have been scarce, with CEO Peter Rawlinson teasing insights but keeping the name under wraps, the buzz around Lucid’s expansion into more affordable EVs is growing.


Lucid Motors is gearing up to release a new “Mid-Size” EV, with plans to compete directly with Tesla’s popular Model 3 and Model Y. While the specific details of this new model remain a mystery, trademark filings reveal potential names that Lucid is considering for its upcoming release.

Why does it matter?

As the EV market continues to evolve rapidly, Lucid’s expansion into more affordable electric vehicles signals a shift in the industry landscape. With a targeted launch around 2026, the anticipation around Lucid’s new model and its potential name is building, offering a glimpse into the brand’s future direction and strategy.

How is it going to shape the future?

By exploring various names like Lucid Earth, Lucid Space, and others, Lucid Motors is not only generating excitement but also solidifying its brand identity in the competitive EV market. As the company works towards establishing itself beyond the luxury segment, the unveiling of its “Mid-Size” EV with a distinctive name will play a crucial role in shaping its positioning and success in the years to come.

While the final name for Lucid’s upcoming “Mid-Size” EV remains a mystery, the trademark filings hint at the brand’s creative vision and strategic approach to capturing the market’s attention. As EV enthusiasts eagerly await more updates, the potential names swirling around offer a taste of what’s to come from Lucid Motors as it continues to innovate and expand its electric vehicle lineup.

Source: https://electrek.co/2024/05/10/us-trademark-filings-hint-what-lucid-motors-might-name-mid-size-evs/