Will Smith’s Westbrook Racing joins E1 Electric Boat Racing Series!


Will Smith has added another feather to his cap by becoming a team owner in the thrilling world of electric boat racing. Joining the star-studded lineup of owners in the E1 electric boat racing series, Smith’s team, Westbrook Racing, is gearing up to make waves in this innovative sport. The E1 series, which kicked off its inaugural season with the Jeddah GP in Saudi Arabia, has been attracting big names from sports and entertainment, with Smith being the latest addition to the roster of team owners.

Why does it matter?

The inclusion of Will Smith and Westbrook Racing in the E1 series signifies a growing interest from celebrities and high-profile individuals in sustainable sports like electric boat racing. Smith’s venture into team ownership aligns with E1’s mission to promote sustainability in marine mobility, making a statement about the importance of eco-conscious initiatives in the world of racing. With a team comprising experienced drivers like Lucas Ordoñez and Sara Price, Westbrook Racing is poised to make a mark in the upcoming Venice GP, showcasing the blend of entertainment and competition that defines the E1 series.

How is it going to shape the future?

Will Smith’s entry into the E1 electric boat racing series not only adds to the star power of the sport but also highlights the growing popularity of sustainable racing initiatives. As more high-profile individuals like Smith show interest in environmentally friendly sports, it sets a trend for promoting eco-conscious practices and technological advancements in racing. Westbrook Racing’s participation in the E1 series not only elevates the competition but also underlines the importance of embracing innovative and sustainable solutions in the world of sports. As the E1 series continues to attract attention and expand its reach, the involvement of celebrities like Will Smith adds a new dimension to the future of electric boat racing, paving the way for more exciting developments in the world of sustainable racing.

Source: https://electrek.co/2024/05/09/will-smith-latest-team-owner-to-join-e1-electric-boat-racing-series-uim/