High-End Buyers Favor Combustion: Rimac CEO Insights

In a surprising twist, Rimac CEO Mate Rimac claims that high-end buyers are losing interest in electric hypercars. According to Mate, the elite market segment seeks to stand out as electric vehicles become more mainstream by opting for combustion engines and a more traditional driving experience. As Rimac’s Nevera hypercar continues to be offered for sale, the company faces challenges due to changing consumer preferences and market dynamics. Governments worldwide are enforcing stringent regulations to promote electric vehicle adoption, and while many automakers have committed to producing exclusively electric vehicles in the future, there are indications that these plans could be revised. Mate Rimac suggests that future iterations of hypercars may incorporate some form of combustion power to cater to the evolving demands of luxury car buyers.


Rimac CEO Mate Rimac revealed that the demand for electric hypercars is diminishing as high-end buyers seek differentiation in a market inundated with electric vehicles. Despite delivering over 50 units of the Nevera hypercar, Rimac had initially aimed to produce 150 units, indicating a shift in consumer preferences and a potential pivot towards hybrid powertrains.

Why does it matter?

This shift in consumer preferences highlights the challenges faced by car manufacturers in the rapidly evolving automotive landscape. With regulations driving electric vehicle adoption and customer preferences fluctuating, companies like Rimac must adapt their strategies to stay competitive and meet the changing needs of luxury car buyers.

How is it going to shape the future?

Rimac’s potential incorporation of combustion powertrains in future hypercars suggests a hybrid approach that blends traditional and electric technologies to appeal to a broader customer base. As the automotive industry undergoes a transformation towards electrification, Rimac’s strategy could set a precedent for how high-end car manufacturers navigate the changing landscape to maintain their appeal and relevance in the market.

Source: https://www.motor1.com/news/718973/rimac-buyers-dont-want-electric-hypercars/