Discover J2R Dynamics Smol: The Coolest Lil’ Electric Motorcycle


Electric motorbike designs are gaining traction globally, with startups leading the way in innovation. One such newcomer is J2R Dynamics from France, introducing the sleek and minimalist “Smol” electric motorcycle. This design features an 8kW hub motor, equivalent to a 125cc combustion bike in power, with a top speed of 110 km/h and a range of about 150 kilometers with dual 4 kWh batteries.

Why does it matter?

The emergence of J2R Dynamics and their Smol motorcycle signifies the continued diversification of the electric motorbike market. With a unique design that stands out from traditional scooters, the Smol caters to those seeking a blend of simplicity and functionality in an electric vehicle. By focusing on a niche market and starting with a limited production run in France, J2R Dynamics is testing the waters before potentially expanding globally.

How is it going to shape the future?

The debut of the J2R Dynamics Smol at the 2024 Albi Eco Race marks a significant step for the company and the electric motorbike industry as a whole. By introducing an alternative to the standard scooter-style electric bikes, J2R Dynamics is pushing boundaries and challenging conventional design norms. The reception of the Smol will provide valuable insights into consumer preferences for electric motorcycles, potentially influencing future designs and market trends.