BYD’s Vietnam Expansion Faces Setback: What’s Next?


BYD’s expansion plans in Vietnam have hit a snag following the suspension of cooperation by New Energy Holdings (NEH), a key partner in the project. NEH’s decision has raised doubts about BYD’s goal of opening 50 dealers in Vietnam by 2024. BYD Auto Vietnam, a subsidiary fully owned by BYD China, had ambitious plans to establish between 15 and 20 showrooms by June, with NEH playing a significant role in their strategy. However, NEH’s abrupt withdrawal due to business strategy adjustments has thrown a wrench in BYD’s plans.

Why does it matter?

This setback could potentially impact BYD’s presence in Vietnam, as NEH accounted for a substantial portion of the planned dealerships. Despite BYD’s reassurances that their expansion plans remain intact with other partners in Vietnam, NEH’s exit poses a significant challenge. NEH’s offer to transfer or sublease unfinished dealerships to other investors indicates a possible last-minute solution to salvage the project for BYD Vietnam. With BYD aiming to diversify its product line in Vietnam by introducing popular models like Dolphin, Seal, and Atto 3, the company faces pressure to navigate this setback swiftly to maintain its foothold in the market.

How is it going to shape the future?

Moving forward, BYD will need to regroup and adjust its strategy to overcome the obstacles caused by NEH’s withdrawal. The company’s plans to produce EVs locally in Vietnam with a new plant in Phu Tho province have been put on hold in favor of prioritizing a factory in Indonesia. Despite this setback, BYD remains determined to establish a strong presence in Vietnam, a market with growing potential for electric vehicles. With aggressive sales targets and plans for expanding its product lineup, BYD faces both challenges and opportunities as it navigates the tumultuous terrain of the Vietnamese automotive market.

In conclusion, BYD’s Vietnam expansion may have encountered a roadblock, but the company’s resilience and adaptability will determine its success in overcoming this setback and thriving in the competitive landscape of the Vietnamese automotive industry.