Xiaomi SU7 Breakdown After 39 Kilometers: Unrepairable Shock!


The Xiaomi SU7, a new electric vehicle, broke down after only 39 kilometers of travel, leading to the owner, Mr. Wen, requesting a new car as the original one could not be repaired. This incident has raised concerns about the quality and reliability of the Xiaomi SU7.

Why does it matter?

This incident highlights potential quality issues with the Xiaomi SU7, adding to previous reports of problems such as the Advanced Emergency Braking (AEB) function not working as claimed and inconsistencies in paintwork and seat wear in other vehicles. Despite Xiaomi’s recent success in the electric vehicle market, this breakdown raises questions about the brand’s ability to deliver reliable vehicles to customers.

How is it going to shape the future?

The unrepairable breakdown of the Xiaomi SU7 after a short distance could have long-term implications for Xiaomi’s reputation in the electric vehicle market. Customer trust and confidence in the brand’s ability to deliver quality vehicles may be jeopardized, especially if similar incidents continue to occur. Xiaomi’s response to this situation, including negotiations with Mr. Wen for a refund and compensation, will be closely watched to see how the brand addresses quality concerns moving forward.

Source: https://carnewschina.com/2024/05/08/xiaomi-su7-breaks-down-after-39-kilometers-and-cannot-be-repaired/