GM Seeks Former Tesla Interns for Software Teams


Tesla recently faced its largest job cuts impacting around 20,000 employees globally, including interns. In response, General Motors (GM) is looking to capitalize on this talent pool by offering opportunities to the laid-off Tesla interns within GM’s software teams. Laura Del Amo, GM’s Talent Sourcing Strategist, posted on LinkedIn about the initiative, signaling GM’s interest in integrating diverse talents into their automotive team.

Why does it matter?

With Tesla’s recent layoffs and slowdown in sales, GM sees an opportunity to attract skilled individuals who may have been affected by these changes. By reaching out to former Tesla interns, GM aims to strengthen its software teams and benefit from the expertise and knowledge these individuals bring from their experience at Tesla.

Former Tesla executives have already found a home at GM, such as Kurt Kelty and Jens Peter Clausen, who now hold key positions within GM’s operations. This move to hire former Tesla interns further solidifies GM’s commitment to tapping into the talent pool of its competitor to drive innovation and growth within the company.

How is it going to shape the future?

By extending a helping hand to the displaced Tesla interns, GM is not only offering them new opportunities but also positioning themselves as an attractive employer within the electric vehicle industry. This strategic move to onboard talent from a rival company like Tesla showcases GM’s proactive approach to talent acquisition and underscores the competitive landscape of the industry.

Moreover, the interest shown by fresh software graduates in the positions offered by GM indicates a potential shift in talent flow towards companies perceived as stable and growth-oriented. As the automotive industry evolves, initiatives like these could have a lasting impact on how companies attract, retain, and develop talent in a rapidly changing market. GM’s outreach to former Tesla interns highlights the dynamics of talent acquisition in an industry marked by innovation and disruption.