Discover China’s Tesla Challenger: Self-Driving Tech Showdown


Tesla’s “full-self-driving” technology faces competition in China from local tech and car giants like Ji Yue, a brand under Geely that offers semi-autonomous driving features.

Why does it matter?

While Tesla hasn’t rolled out its full self-driving feature in China yet, Ji Yue’s technology, primarily camera-based with some radar backup, is making waves. Ji Yue’s PPA (Point-to-Point Autopilot) system, akin to GM’s Super Cruise and Ford’s Blue Cruise, operates on roads mapped by Baidu, showing promise but not without limitations.

With Ji Yue making bold claims about its technology being near Level 4 autonomy, there are concerns about actual demand for autonomous driving features in the Chinese market. Despite Ji Yue’s superior tech claims, slow sales of Ji Yue 01 and XPeng’s XNGP raise questions about consumer interest and affordability.

How is it going to shape the future?

China’s push towards self-driving technology indicates a growing trend in the automotive industry. While Ji Yue and other Chinese brands strive to compete globally, overcoming challenges related to demand and market penetration will be crucial for their success in the long run. As advancements continue, the landscape of autonomous driving in China and beyond is set to evolve rapidly, potentially reshaping the future of transportation.