Carvana Report: Used EV Sales Surge, Closing Price Gap!

Carvana’s latest trends report is causing a stir in the automotive world as used electric vehicle (EV) sales are on the rise, narrowing the price gap with traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) cars. Carvana, a Fortune 500 company known for its innovative approach to car sales, released its Q1 2024 EV trends report, revealing some exciting insights into the electrification trend.


The report highlights the increasing popularity of used EVs, with Carvana experiencing a surge in sales of all-electric models. As the EV market expands with new models, Carvana has observed a drop in the average sale price of EVs, making them more accessible to consumers. In Q1 2024, used EV sales accounted for 4.3% of Carvana’s total sales, marking a significant milestone for the company.

Why does it matter?

The narrowing price margin between used EVs and ICE cars presents a compelling opportunity for both buyers and sellers. As more EV options become available in the used car market, prices are expected to stabilize, making EVs a more attractive choice for eco-conscious consumers. The report also highlights the impact of Federal tax credits on used EV affordability, driving increased sales and adoption across various states.

How is it going to shape the future?

Carvana’s emphasis on offering a diverse selection of EV models at various price points signals a growing shift towards electric mobility. With states like Florida and Minnesota experiencing significant growth in used EV sales, there is a clear indication of the market’s potential for expansion. By leveraging Federal incentives and a wide range of EV choices, Carvana is poised to lead the way in transforming the used car industry towards a more sustainable future.

Carvana’s commitment to evolving with the changing automotive landscape underscores its dedication to meeting customer preferences and driving innovation in the market. As used EV sales continue to gain momentum and prices become more competitive, Carvana’s role in shaping the future of electric mobility is becoming increasingly significant.