Nio’s Onvo: Affordable EV with Rapid Battery Swap

Nio, the innovative Chinese EV brand known for its high-tech battery swap technology, is gearing up to launch a new affordable electric vehicle line called Onvo. This new brand aims to revolutionize the EV market by offering drivers a budget-friendly option with rapid battery swap capabilities.


Named Onvo, the brand has recently launched its website and will soon unveil its first model, the L60 SUV. This electric vehicle will come equipped with a 60 kWh blade battery supplied by BYD, with an option for a larger 90 kWh battery from CATL. Notably, these batteries can be swapped in under 6 minutes at numerous battery swap stations across China. The L60 will feature a cutting-edge 900 V platform and a top-of-the-line infotainment system chipset.

Why does it matter?

One of Onvo’s key selling points is its impressive energy efficiency, boasting an estimated energy consumption of less than 13 kWh per 100 kilometers. This efficiency is expected to outperform the popular Tesla Model Y, making Onvo a formidable contender in the competitive EV market. With a starting price equivalent to under $39,000 for the battery swap version, Onvo’s L60 SUV promises to provide consumers with an affordable yet high-performance electric driving experience.

How is it going to shape the future?

Nio’s strategic move to introduce the Onvo brand signals a significant step towards democratizing electric mobility by making advanced EV technology more accessible to a wider audience. By offering a competitively priced electric SUV with rapid battery swap capabilities, Onvo has the potential to attract a new wave of environmentally conscious drivers looking for cost-effective and convenient solutions. As Nio plans to launch Onvo in China first before expanding to Europe, the brand’s international expansion could drive further innovation and competition in the global EV market.

In summary, Nio’s Onvo presents a promising glimpse into the future of electric vehicles, where cutting-edge technology meets affordability to redefine the way we drive. Stay tuned for more updates on the L60 SUV and Onvo’s upcoming international debut, as this new player is set to shake up the EV landscape with its revolutionary approach to sustainable and accessible transportation.