Revolutionary Shift: Giving Up Cars Surges in Urban Areas

A survey reveals that 1/3 of car owners are open to ditching their rides for alternative transport solutions, with urbanites even more willing. Germans demand a major mobility overhaul due to the climate crisis, favoring emission-free options and expanded public transit. However, challenges like inadequate public transport and the convenience of personal vehicles hinder widespread change. Despite support for green measures, Germany's transport emissions struggle to decrease, prompting calls to redirect funds towards sustainable transport investments.

BYD Expands Car Insurance in China: Tesla-like Strategy

BYD follows in Tesla's footsteps by expanding its car insurance business in 7 Chinese provinces, aiming to diversify and leverage industry expertise. Unlike other automakers, BYD has regulatory approval to independently adjust rates and offer custom plans, leading to potential savings for customers. With NEV insurance market challenges, BYD focuses on cost reduction to ensure profitability. Analysts anticipate BYD's move to impact the broader NEV insurance landscape in China.

Xiaomi’s Future SUV: Unveiling the MX11 Prototype

Xiaomi's upcoming SUV, the MX11, spotted testing on roads in China with a design inspired by the successful SU7 model. Expected to launch in 2025 and boasts Ferrari Purosangue-like proportions. Features an 800V platform, 21,000rpm motors, and spacious trunk. Third vehicle model rumored to use budget-friendly batteries, set for a 2026 release at 150,000 yuan. Xiaomi's fast growth in the EV market with 20,000 SU7s delivered within months of launch.

Zeekr Reveals Bold Plan: 7 Sleek EVs by 2026

Geely's Zeekr, the high-end EV brand, unveils plans to launch 7 sleek electric vehicles by 2026, including 4 SUVs, 2 MPVs, and 1 wagon designed for the European market. Zeekr raised a whopping $441 million in its New York IPO and has already delivered over 67,000 cars to owners. The upcoming models include the Mix minivan, Ark crossover, and the 007 Station Wagon. Stay tuned for more updates on Zeekr's expansion into the EV market.

BYD Song L DM-i: Cutting-Edge Hybrid SUV Revealed!

Check out the BYD Song L DM-i interior, a sleek compact SUV loaded with fifth-gen DM hybrid tech. Its digital instrument panel and 15.6-inch central screen are just the beginning. Equipped with sports seats, wireless charging, and top-notch luxury touches, this ride means business. Sporting a 1.5L engine, 215 hp electric motor, and impressive specs, it's ready to hit the road with prices starting at a cool $16,500. Sales kicking off later this year in China.

Introducing GAC Aion Y Plus: All-Electric SUV in Indonesia

Meet the GAC Aion Y Plus, an all-electric SUV now available in Indonesia for 25,200 - 28,900 USD. Offering two trims with impressive ranges, this vehicle is making waves in the Southeast Asian market. With plans to expand globally, including in ASEAN countries, GAC Aion is set to establish production bases worldwide. Get ready for a smart cockpit, sleek design, and eco-friendly performance from this innovative electric SUV.

Florida Town Bans Electric Bikes: The Footloose of Micromobility

An island town in Florida, Key Biscayne, has banned electric bikes and scooters following a tragic accident. Community members are divided, with some supporting the ban due to safety concerns, while others advocate for education and enforcement to regulate e-bike use instead of an outright ban. The situation draws parallels to the movie "Footloose," highlighting the importance of finding a balance between tradition and change. Advocates suggest that regulations, not bans, are the key to safely integrating electric bikes into transportation systems.

Tesla Model 3 Price Drop, Fisker Bankruptcy News!

Tune in to the Electrek Podcast for all the latest updates: Tesla Model 3 Long Range now starting at $40,000, Fisker files for bankruptcy, and more EV news. Catch the live show on YouTube every Friday at 9 a.m. ET. Discussions include Tesla's new stock options, AI supercluster plans, and exciting developments from other automakers like Volvo, Kia, and BMW. Stay informed with Electrek for breaking news on Tesla, electric vehicles, and green energy.

Canada Joins EV Tariff Battle Against Chinese Imports

Canada is gearing up to impose tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles (EVs) to align with the US and EU. The move comes as part of a global trend to combat "unfair" competition in the EV market. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faces pressure to take action amid a surge in Chinese EV imports. The industry's push for tariffs aims to protect domestic jobs and maintain alignment with key trade partners. The EV tariff battle continues to intensify on the global stage.

BYD Set to Build Massive EV Plant in Mexico

China's BYD is expanding globally with plans for a major EV plant in Mexico. After successful ventures in Thailand, Israel, and Australia, BYD is boosting its South American presence. In Brazil, their affordable $20,000 Seagull EV saw outstanding sales, topping Brazil's EV market in Q1. The upcoming Mexico plant is expected to create 10,000 jobs and drive sales up to 50,000 vehicles this year. BYD's strategic moves position them well amidst shifting global EV markets.

Ferrari Unveils Solar-Powered e-Building for EV Debut

Ferrari unveils solar-powered e-building for upcoming EV sports car. The new facility, powered by renewable energy, marks Ferrari's pivot towards electrification. Costing $214 million, the e-building boasts 3,000 solar panels and environmentally conscious initiatives. The Italian luxury carmaker plans to launch its first fully electric sports car soon, with a second EV in the works. Ferrari aims for 60% of sales to come from EVs and PHEVs by 2026. Stay tuned for updates on Ferrari's electric future.

Volvo EX30 Overtakes BMW’s Mini in Euro EV Sales

Volvo's budget-friendly EX30 EV outperforms BMW’s Mini in Europe's small premium segment, climbing to the top just five months after its launch. With production starting in China, Volvo's compact EV is already a top seller, pushing Volvo's overall sales up by 27%. The EX30 is now the third best-selling EV in Europe, showcasing the increasing demand for affordable electric vehicles in the market. Volvo's commitment to all-electric models is proving successful as the EX30 gains market traction rapidly.

Heybike Summer Sale: $500 Off E-Bikes & More Deals!

Heybike's summer sale slashes $500 off e-bikes, with the Mars 2.0 Folding e-bike at a low of $999. EGO Power+ riding mower returns at $4,999 with extra batteries. EAST OAK's Digital Electric Smoker drops to $255. Explore other Green Deals for EV discounts. Heybike offers bundle deals and free accessories, saving big on their popular e-bikes. EGO riding mower boasts power and efficiency with additional battery bundles available. EAST OAK's electric smoker provides a sleek design for flavorful BBQ experiences. Time for an eco-friendly upgrade!

Hyundai Unveils Casper Electric: Affordable EV for Europe!

Hyundai introduces the Casper Electric, a budget-friendly EV coming to Europe as the Inster EV. With a driving range of up to 355 km, promising new standards in range, tech, and safety. Priced under $27,000, it aims to popularize electric vehicles. A futuristic design with signature Hyundai elements, set to debut next week at the Busan International Mobility Show. Stay tuned as Hyundai shakes up the EV market.

Utah Unveils Hyper-Fast EV Charging Stations Revolution

Utah electrifies with 20 'hyper-fast' DC fast charging stations by Electrify America and Rocky Mountain Power. The stations, with speeds up to 350 kW, are rolling out in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. Rocky Mountain Power, Utah's sole electric service provider, owns the chargers, offering discounted rates for customers. This initiative complements the existing 120+ DC fast chargers and 3,000+ Level 2 chargers across the state, part of a $50 million investment in EV infrastructure. Drivers can access stations via the Electrify America app.

Save $7,500 on Tesla Model 3 Long Range, but $3,200 financing hike!

Save big on a Tesla Model 3 Long Range with a $7,500 federal tax credit, but brace yourself for a sting in the finance department - it now costs $3,200 more to finance compared to last week due to a higher 6.39% APR. Despite the initial savings, the new interest rate eats into potential benefits. Comparing options carefully is key for potential buyers, as highlighted by CarsDirect. Check out local dealers for stock availability.

Nissan Feels Heat: BYD’s EV Price War Impact

Nissan is closing a factory in China due to BYD's aggressive EV price cuts, leading to a 16% sales drop last year. With over 30% of Nissan's global sales from China, the competition is fierce as BYD aims to dominate the market. Nissan's struggles in China are worsened by BYD's lower-priced EV models targeting gas-powered cars. BYD plans to expand globally, outgrowing China's EV market and even encroaching on territories like Japan and Mexico.

Elon Musk Haters Vandalize Tesla Cybertrucks

Elon Musk haters strike! Vandalize Tesla Cybertrucks in a Florida parking lot. Tesla's Cybertruck deliveries paused due to windshield wiper motor issue, leaving trucks parked across the US. Videos surface of Cybertrucks defaced with 'f*ck Elon' graffiti in Fort Lauderdale. Despite division over Musk, vandalizing private property is a no-go. Incident underscores the strong association between Elon Musk and Tesla. Stay updated on Tesla news with Electrek.

Meet North Korea’s BYD Han: The EV Deception

North Korea unveils the "Madusan EV," a flashy new electric sedan with a claimed range of 447 miles. However, it's just a Chinese-made BYD Han, not the revolutionary local creation it's touted to be. Imported through a trade organization, these EVs may end up in the hands of the elite, despite most citizens struggling to afford basic essentials. Amidst the smoke and mirrors, reality reveals just another layer of North Korea's deceiving facade.

Revolutionary Electric Mini-Supermoto: Meet E-Clipse 2.0!

Electric mobility startup Solar Scooters breaks into the electric motorcycle market with the E-Clipse 2.0, a high-performance urban and off-road electric supermoto resembling a beefed-up Honda Grom. Priced at $6,795.95 USD, it boasts a top speed of 65 mph, 70-mile range on a single charge, and futuristic tech features. While the cost may raise eyebrows, Solar Scooters aims to revolutionize the enthusiast market with electric innovations, hinting at an electrifying future for riders.