DJI Launches Amflow: Electric Mountain Bike Revolution!


DJI, known for its drones and cameras, has entered the electric bike market with the launch of the Amflow brand and their first product, the Amflow PL electric mountain bike. The bike features DJI’s innovative Avinox Drive System, boasting a powerful motor, lightweight carbon fiber frame, and impressive battery capacity. It comes equipped with an industry-leading power-to-size ratio, advanced torque capabilities, and various ride modes, including Auto Mode for real-time adjustments based on terrain and riding position.

Why does it matter?

The Amflow PL stands out in the eMTB industry for its tech innovation and ultra-light materials, aimed at providing riders with a thrilling experience on any terrain. With the Avinox drive system’s cutting-edge features like the 2-inch OLED touchscreen display, smartphone connectivity, and dual Wireless Controllers, DJI is revolutionizing the e-bike market. By marrying their tech expertise with a passion for mountain biking, DJI is set to challenge the existing norms and elevate the standards for high-end e-bikes.

How is it going to shape the future?

DJI’s entry into the electric bike market signifies a shift towards integrating advanced technology and design into eMTBs, paving the way for enhanced performance, convenience, and connectivity for riders. With the Amflow PL, DJI is not only introducing a groundbreaking product but also setting a new benchmark for Chinese mid-drive motors in the premium e-bike segment. As more details about the bike emerge, it’s clear that DJI is poised to disrupt the e-bike industry and establish itself as a key player in the electric mountain bike revolution.