Volvo EX90 Launch Update: Missing Features & Over-the-Air Fixes

Volvo enthusiasts eagerly awaited the launch of the EX90, only to receive an email revealing that the vehicle may lack some key features upon delivery. The automaker, despite starting production this month and initially promising an early 2024 release, encountered software issues leading to delays in delivering a fully equipped EV to customers. With deliveries pushed to the second half of the year, buyers might find themselves with an EX90 missing several anticipated features.


In an email shared by a reader, Volvo outlined a range of features that might be delayed when taking delivery of the EX90. These include critical safety and convenience functionalities such as the full capability of the LiDAR system, cross-traffic alert, curve speed assist, wireless Apple CarPlay, and bidirectional charging. Sadly, the dark theme for the infotainment and driver display will be the only option initially, with the lighter theme slated for a future update. Additionally, owners may experience a battery drain of about 3 percent per day while parked due to the core computer running advanced functions, although Volvo promises a fix through a forthcoming update.

Why does it matter?

While Volvo assured customers that most missing features will be provided via free over-the-air updates, some adjustments may necessitate a visit to the dealer. Despite the inconvenience, the proactive approach of notifying customers ahead of time demonstrates Volvo’s commitment to ensuring a seamless ownership experience for EX90 buyers. The transparency regarding feature delays and the roadmap for resolving them showcases Volvo’s dedication to delivering quality and cutting-edge technology in their vehicles.

How is it going to shape the future?

The EX90 launch update sheds light on the complexities of integrating advanced systems into modern vehicles. As the automotive industry continues to evolve with the introduction of electric and autonomous technologies, manufacturers like Volvo face the challenge of not only developing innovative features but also ensuring their seamless implementation. By addressing these launch setbacks transparently and with a clear plan for resolution, Volvo sets a precedent for effective communication and customer care in an era where software plays an increasingly crucial role in the driving experience. Owners of the EX90 can look forward to enjoying enhanced features through upcoming updates, highlighting the ongoing evolution and improvement of electric vehicles in the market.

In conclusion, Volvo’s email regarding the EX90’s missing features and planned updates provides valuable insights into the intricate processes involved in delivering cutting-edge automotive technology to customers, setting a benchmark for industry transparency and customer satisfaction.