Tesla Unveils New Brisbane Repair Centre


Tesla has expanded its presence in Australia by inaugurating a new body repair centre in Brisbane. This move comes in response to the increasing number of Tesla vehicles in the country, with over 105,000 Tesla-branded EVs sold. The Brisbane repair centre features a paint repair section with vehicle preparation bays for a fresh coat of paint on repaired body panels. The facility is well-equipped to undertake body works on all Tesla models, as showcased by the presence of a white Model Y SUV and a black Model 3 Performance in the front.

Why does it matter?

The opening of the Brisbane repair centre is part of Tesla’s strategy to establish multiple in-house body repair centres across Australia. By offering in-house repair services, Tesla aims to streamline the process for customers requiring body repairs, particularly in metropolitan areas like Brisbane, Sydney, and soon, Melbourne. Previously, Tesla operated Tesla-Approved Collision Centres in Australia, managed by external body repair operators. The shift to in-house repair centres signifies a significant step towards enhancing customer experience and ensuring prompt and efficient repair services for Tesla owners.

How is it going to shape the future?

Tesla’s expansion of in-house repair centres in Australia signals a commitment to providing comprehensive support services for Tesla vehicle owners. With the Brisbane repair centre operational and a previous centre in Alexandria, NSW, Tesla is poised to cater to the repair needs of its growing customer base effectively. As Tesla continues to focus on sustainability and innovation in the electric vehicle market, the establishment of in-house repair centres signifies a strategic approach to enhancing customer satisfaction and ensuring the longevity of Tesla vehicles on Australian roads. The move also aligns with Tesla’s broader mission to reduce transport emissions and promote the adoption of electric vehicles in Australia, spearheaded by individuals like Riz Akhtar, the founder of carloop, who is dedicated to advancing EV data and trends in the country.