Exclusive: Zeekr X EV Unveiled in Australia!

Exciting news for electric vehicle enthusiasts in Australia as Zeekr’s premium electric SUV, the Zeekr X, has been sighted in the country for the first time. The right-hand drive variant of this sleek two-tone SUV was spotted in NSW without any number plates, indicating a fresh delivery. The exterior design showcases flush door handles, enhancing both aesthetics and efficiency. Inside, the steering wheel on the right-hand side boasts a unique blue and creme color scheme, complemented by a prominent screen displaying key driving information. The upcoming Zeekr X is Geely Holding Group’s offering in the small premium SUV segment and is expected to hit the Australian market in the near future.


Chinese electric car company Zeekr’s premium electric SUV, the Zeekr X, was recently spotted in Australia for the first time. The sighting in NSW revealed the right-hand drive variant of the two-tone SUV without any number plates, hinting at a fresh delivery.

Why does it matter?

The Zeekr X’s sleek design, with flush door handles and a distinctive interior color scheme, brings a touch of luxury to the electric vehicle market. This sighting indicates the upcoming launch of this EV in Australia, adding to the country’s sustainable transportation options.

How is it going to shape the future?

As electric vehicles continue to gain popularity, the arrival of the Zeekr X in Australia signals a growing interest in premium EV offerings. With its expected competitive pricing and top safety ratings, the Zeekr X has the potential to make a significant impact on the Australian EV market, catering to environmentally-conscious consumers looking for stylish and sustainable transportation options. Stay tuned for more updates on the official launch of the Zeekr X in Australia, as local specifications and pricing details are expected to be announced soon by Zeekr.