Xpeng Introduces G6 Electric SUV in Australia!


Xpeng, a well-known Chinese EV brand, has opened pre-orders for its first electric car in Australia, the G6 electric SUV. Customers can reserve two variants of the G6 with a fully refundable $1000 deposit, offering priority access to deliveries expected in Q4 this year. The catch is that pricing won’t be revealed until September.

Why does it matter?

The G6 SUV, with its sleek design, is anticipated to be priced competitively, potentially undercutting Australia’s popular Tesla Model Y SUV. Xpeng promises convenient pick-up options at designated centers in Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne, with free home delivery for most locations. The G6 models feature an 800V architecture for faster charging speeds and impressive driving ranges.

How is it going to shape the future?

The G6 Standard comes with a 66 kWh battery offering a range of up to 435 km, while the Long Range model boasts an 87.5 kWh battery with a range of up to 570 km. Both variants are rear-wheel drive and equipped with powerful motors for swift acceleration. With customizable color options and a focus on charging efficiency, Xpeng is set to introduce a compelling EV choice to the Australian market.

Enthusiasts eagerly await the G6’s pricing details, especially as competition in the local EV market intensifies. Xpeng’s strategic pricing and innovative features will play a crucial role in its success in Australia. As the EV market continues to evolve, the arrival of the G6 signals a shift towards more sustainable transportation options, driving progress towards reducing emissions.