XPeng Founder Tests Tesla FSD: A Self-Driving Showdown


XPeng Motors’ founder, He Xiaopeng, recently tested Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) system in the US to compare it to XPeng’s own Navigation Guided Pilot (XNGP). In a video shared by XPeng, He Xiaopeng documented his experience testing out Tesla’s FSD, showcasing the ongoing competition between these leading autonomous driving technologies.

Why does it matter?

Both Tesla and XPeng Motors are at the forefront of developing autonomous driving systems, with Tesla’s FSD and XPeng’s XNGP leading the race in their respective markets. While Tesla has been a prominent name in the self-driving passenger EV space, XPeng has made significant strides with its own self-driving technology. XPeng’s XNGP, launched in March 2023, is considered one of the most advanced autonomous driving systems in China.

He Xiaopeng’s test of Tesla FSD in the US provides valuable insights into how these technologies compare in different driving scenarios. His positive impressions of Tesla FSD’s progress and features indicate the ongoing innovation and competition in the autonomous driving industry. Additionally, the friendly comparison video highlights the potential for mutual learning and improvement among industry leaders.

How is it going to shape the future?

As XPeng and Tesla continue to push the boundaries of self-driving technology, the global competition in autonomous driving is intensifying. The video showcasing He Xiaopeng’s experience with Tesla FSD reflects a shift towards collaboration and acknowledgment of each other’s technological advancements in the EV industry. With XPeng considering a transition to pure vision cameras like Tesla for its autonomous vehicles and Tesla expanding FSD to new markets, the future of self-driving technology promises exciting developments and increased competition.

Overall, the comparison between XPeng’s XNGP and Tesla’s FSD underscores the rapid evolution of autonomous driving systems and the potential for cross-company innovation. As advances in self-driving technology redefine the way we interact with vehicles and technology, the ongoing competition and collaboration between industry leaders like XPeng and Tesla will shape the future of autonomous mobility.