Tesla Cybertruck Recall: Wiper & Bed Trim Issues Explained


Tesla has issued a recall of its Cybertruck, affecting 11,688 vehicles due to a faulty windshield wiper motor that could fail due to excessive electrical current. Additionally, 11,383 Cybertrucks are being recalled for loose truck bed trim that poses a road hazard. Reports have surfaced of delivery delays as Tesla addresses the wiper motor issue.

Why does it matter?

The recall underscores ongoing quality control challenges for the Tesla Cybertruck, with previous issues such as a pedal recall and sharp body panels causing injuries. Owners have shared experiences of wipers failing during heavy rain, posing safety risks.

How is it going to shape the future?

Delivery delays and recalls like this can impact Tesla’s reputation and customer satisfaction. The response to this recall, including how quickly and effectively Tesla addresses the issues, will be closely watched by Cybertruck owners and potential buyers. Tesla’s ability to resolve these quality control issues will be crucial for the Cybertruck’s future success.