Salvage Alert: Totaled Tesla Cybertrucks Hit Auctions!


Totaled Tesla Cybertrucks have started appearing at salvage auctions, with at least two trucks recently posted for auction by Insurance Auto Auctions Inc. One truck was in a collision, with visible front trunk and fender damage, while the other, labeled a flood vehicle, seemed nearly new despite water damage. The cost of replacing Cybertruck parts remains high, with body shops anticipating challenges due to the stainless steel exterior.

Why does it matter?

Despite Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s claims about the Cybertruck’s durability, these totaled trucks raise questions about repair costs and the availability of replacement parts. With repair delays reported and challenges in reshaping metal panels, the Cybertruck’s unique design poses potential insurance and repair challenges. The appearance of flooded and damaged trucks at auctions signals a shift in how these vehicles are perceived post-accident.

How is it going to shape the future?

As more Cybertrucks enter the market and production increases, the frequency of these vehicles appearing at salvage auctions may rise. Repairing stainless steel bodies presents a new challenge for body shops, adding complexity and potential delays to the repair process. The high cost of Cybertruck parts and repairs could impact insurance rates and reshape how damaged electric vehicles are assessed and fixed in the future. Whether it’s collisions or unforeseen incidents like floods, the salvage of these high-tech trucks provides insight into the unique repair challenges they pose.