Revolutionize Classic Cars’ Dashboards with Next-Gen Apple CarPlay


Apple is upping its game with the next generation of CarPlay, aiming to revolutionize the user experience in automobiles. This advanced version will allow CarPlay to mirror on every display and tap into data from real-world sensors, potentially reshaping how drivers interact with their vehicles. Design firm BlackBox Infinite has even explored the concept of mimicking classic car gauge clusters in modern cars using Apple’s innovative framework.

Why does it matter?

The integration of next-gen CarPlay could offer drivers a seamless interface across various vehicles, with their iPhones at the heart of the car’s operation. By combining modern technology with the aesthetics of beloved classic cars, such as the Porsche 911 and Ferrari Testarossa, an entirely new level of personalization and nostalgia could be achieved in car interiors. This could open up opportunities for automakers and app creators to offer tailored experiences to CarPlay users.

How is it going to shape the future?

While some automakers like Ford have already implemented similar features in their vehicles, the extent of customization within Apple’s CarPlay framework remains to be seen. Apple’s history of limited customization in its products raises questions about how much freedom users will have to personalize their digital car displays. As enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the potential for custom gauge faces and unique interfaces, the possibility of monetization through CarPlay-specific apps could also arise. The future of CarPlay’s evolution and its impact on the automotive industry are subjects of anticipation and speculation, with enthusiasts and tech enthusiasts alike eagerly awaiting further developments.