Revolutionary Electric Sportbike: Dual Frame Transformation Unveiled


Two electric motorcycle concepts from Belin Design Office, the Ekka M-1 Performance and CS-1 City Scooter, share a unique design feature – they both use the same open frame as their foundation. The frame, when turned upside down, serves as the base for the sporty M-1 Performance, and when flipped right side up, forms the foundation for the CS-1 City Scooter. Both bikes utilize a hub motor on the rear wheel, simplifying the design by eliminating the need for a drive chain or belt.

Why does it matter?

These electric motorcycles showcase the innovative use of a shared frame to create two entirely different machines. By keeping the design simple and versatile, Belin Design Office demonstrates a clever way of maximizing resources and expanding the possibilities for future models. The adaptability of the shared frame opens up opportunities for developing various configurations, such as a commuter or cargo model, based on the same foundation.

How is it going to shape the future?

The minimalist and functional design approach of the Ekka M-1 Performance and CS-1 City Scooter sets a new standard in electric mobility. By streamlining the construction process and emphasizing versatility, these concepts pave the way for efficient production and customization in the electric motorcycle industry. The use of a shared frame not only simplifies manufacturing but also sparks creativity in creating diverse models from a single base, offering a glimpse into the potential for future innovations in electric motorcycle design.