Meet the M-Hero 917: World’s First 5G+A/6G Command Vehicle

At the 2024 Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, StarWin Satcom and Dongfeng’s Mengshi unveiled the communications command version of the M-Hero 917. This innovative vehicle boasts being the world’s first integrated 5G+A/6G base station solution on wheels. What does this mean for users? Imagine having strong communication capabilities – from stable network connections in both urban and remote areas to real-time secure video calls and rapid data upload, this vehicle aims to deliver it all. For those concerned about satellite communications, the RUV-900 ultra-thin phased array dynamic satellite Internet terminal with full Ku-band coverage ensures reliable connectivity with up to 100Mbps onboard bandwidth.

Why does it matter? The M-Hero 917 isn’t just a show concept; it’s the real deal. Intended for emergency support, search and rescue missions, and scenarios requiring confidential communications, this vehicle is designed to meet various critical needs. Whether it’s the fully electric version with a CATL Qilin battery providing a 505 km range or the range-extended version powered by a 1.5T engine, the M-Hero 917 promises versatility.

How is it going to shape the future? The M-Hero 917, also known as the Mengshi 917 and Warrior, is a glimpse into the future of communication vehicles. With both EV and EREV versions available and a focus on enhanced security features, including meeting the Class B explosion-proof standard, this vehicle demonstrates Dongfeng’s commitment to innovation and practicality. Considering its impressive specifications and real-world applications, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the M-Hero 917 make an appearance in the next action-packed Wolf Warrior film.

Sources: Fast Technology, IT House