E1 World Championship Expands to Stunning Lake Como GP


The UIM E1 World Championship, a thrilling electric boat racing series, has announced an exciting addition to its 2024 calendar – the Lake Como Grand Prix. This young series, started in 2022 by co-founders Rodi Basso and Alejandro Agag, features nine teams with a mix of celebrities and professional athletes competing worldwide for the championship in Hong Kong.

Why does it matter?

The championship, with teams owned by the likes of Tom Brady, Rafael Nadal, Steve Aoki, Sergio Perez, and Will Smith, has been captivating audiences since its inception. Team Brady claimed victory in the Jeddah and Venice GPs, while Team Miami, led by Marc Anthony, triumphed in Puerto Banús, currently leading in overall points.

The addition of the Lake Como GP in August promises not only stunning racing scenery but also aims to promote electric motorsports and sustainability in marine regions. The race will depart from the illustrious Grand Hotel Villa d’Este, providing ideal racing conditions for intense competition among the nine teams.

How is it going to shape the future?

By incorporating Lake Como into its 2024 calendar, the UIM E1 World Championship continues to expand its presence and allure in the world of electric boat racing. The focus on sustainability and collaboration with local partners to protect marine habitats demonstrates a commitment to responsible racing practices.

As the championship progresses, with Monaco, Lake Como, and Hong Kong as the remaining GPs this season, the title of the first-ever UIM E1 World Champion hangs in the balance. The series’ ability to attract high-profile team owners and showcase competitive racing in breathtaking locations sets the stage for an electrifying future in the world of motorsports.

In a world where environmental consciousness and cutting-edge technology are at the forefront, the UIM E1 World Championship stands out as a pioneering force, blending luxury, competition, and sustainability in the thrilling realm of electric boat racing. Stay tuned for more adrenaline-pumping action as this dynamic series unfolds throughout 2024.