BYD Seal 06 DM-i: Sunday China Drive Review

In the latest Sunday China Drive, BYD introduced the Seal 06 DM-i with an impressive 2,100 km range and a starting price of 99,800 yuan. The car, part of the new DM-i 5.0 PHEV platform, stole the spotlight at the Shenzhen Auto Show, showcasing quality and performance. The article takes us on a test drive to uncover how this sleek sedan handles the road and what sets it apart from the competition.


BYD’s Seal 06 DM-i sedan, a part of the Ocean series, boasts a sleek design and solid build quality, attracting customers with its 2,100 km range and affordable price. Equipped with top-notch features like a rotating center screen, comfortable seating for five adults, and ample storage space, the Seal 06 DM-i aims to redefine the driving experience in the hybrid segment.

Why does it matter?

As a top-trimmed flagship model, the Seal 06 DM-i impresses with its luxurious interior, advanced safety features, and responsive driving performance. Despite its hybrid nature, the car delivers a comfortable and stable ride, emphasizing a balance between efficiency and driving engagement. With its long-range capabilities and attractive price point, the Seal 06 DM-i presents a compelling option for eco-conscious drivers seeking quality and value.

How is it going to shape the future?

BYD’s innovative DM-i 5.0 platform sets a new standard in the PHEV segment, offering unmatched range and performance. The success of the Seal 06 DM-i highlights a growing trend towards more affordable, high-quality hybrid vehicles that cater to consumer demands for efficiency and innovation. As other automakers like Chery and Geely follow suit in developing similar PHEV platforms, the future of sustainable driving looks promising with increased options for eco-friendly transportation.

In a market plagued by rising fuel prices, BYD’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of hybrid technology underscores a shift towards cleaner, more efficient vehicles. The Seal 06 DM-i’s blend of style, functionality, and performance paves the way for a new generation of environmentally conscious drivers driving towards a greener future. Stay tuned for more insights on Chinese EVs in the upcoming editions of Sunday China Drive on Car News China.