2024 BYD Atto 3: New Upgrades Impress Australian Buyers

The new 2024 BYD Atto 3 electric SUV has captured the attention of Australian buyers with its recent upgrades and lower price point. The first customers are already experiencing the enhanced features and refreshed design of the latest model.


Shortly after BYD introduced the 2024 version of the Atto 3, deliveries have begun in Australia. Customers like Joel A are excited to receive their vehicles, showcasing the new exterior and interior changes. The rear now features “BYD” branding, and black exterior panels provide a modern aesthetic. Upgraded Continental tires enhance the vehicle’s performance and style.

Why does it matter?

The interior of the 2024 BYD Atto 3 has also received an upgrade, with a more practical design that appeals to families. Customers appreciate the subtle changes, though some note concerns about the black interior showing scratches and dirt easily. With a starting price of $44,499 for the Standard variant and improved battery packs offering up to 480 km of range, the new Atto 3 continues to attract interest from both existing and new owners.

How is it going to shape the future?

The latest updates to the Atto 3 have reignited interest in the popular model, which has been a key player in establishing the BYD brand in Australia. With over 15,000 Atto 3 SUVs delivered to customers in the past 18 months, the new model is expected to drive further success for BYD in the Australian market. As the founder of carloop, Riz Akhtar, continues to promote sustainable transport solutions and EV adoption, the innovative improvements in the 2024 BYD Atto 3 signal a bright future for electric vehicles in Australia.