Zeekr Reveals Bold Plan: 7 Sleek EVs by 2026


Geely’s luxury electric vehicle brand Zeekr is shaking up the automotive world with its ambitious plan to launch a total of seven new vehicles by 2026. This lineup includes four SUVs, two MPVs, and one sleek station wagon, the Zeekr 007, specifically designed for the European market. Zeekr has already made waves by raising an impressive $441 million through its New York IPO and delivering over 67,000 vehicles to customers within the first five months of 2024.

Why does it matter?

The leaked product planning details reveal a strategic roadmap for Zeekr’s expansion, with two new vehicles set to be introduced this year: the Zeekr Mix MPV and CX1E crossover. In 2025, three more cars will hit the Chinese market, including the Zeekr 007 Station Wagon tailored for European consumers. Additionally, two SUVs with codenames EX1E and DX1E are in the pipeline, hinting at a possible size classification. By 2026, Zeekr aims to launch a minivan named Beluga and a crossover called Grampus, emphasizing its commitment to diversity and innovation in the EV space.

How is it going to shape the future?

Each new Zeekr model brings unique design elements and innovative technology to the table. For example, the Zeekr Mix features a compact yet spacious interior, advanced powertrain options, and a distinctive Stargate LED light strip. The Zeekr Ark SUV boasts sleek aesthetics, high-performance capabilities, and a powerful NMC battery pack. Meanwhile, the Zeekr 007 Station Wagon represents Zeekr’s strategic focus on the European market and its dedication to meeting diverse consumer preferences.

As Zeekr continues to expand its product lineup and presence in key global markets, the automotive industry can expect a wave of cutting-edge EVs that push boundaries in design, performance, and sustainability. Stay tuned for more updates on Zeekr’s bold plan and its impact on the future of electric mobility.