Xiaomi’s Future SUV: Unveiling the MX11 Prototype

In the bustling streets of China, a mysterious vehicle has been caught on camera, hinting at Xiaomi’s much-anticipated foray into the SUV market. The MX11, shrouded in secrecy under the code name MX11, is slated to make its grand debut in 2025, following the success of its predecessor, the SU7, which garnered significant attention by selling over 8,000 units in May.


The leaked images of the MX11 showcase a design language reminiscent of the sleek and innovative Xiaomi SU7. The vehicle’s elongated front end, adorned with stylized headlights akin to Xiaomi’s sedan models, exudes sophistication. Noteworthy features such as the pebble-style roof-mounted lidar and streamlined roofline give the MX11 a futuristic appeal, hinting at a coupe SUV design that blends practicality with style. The attention to detail in elements like side cameras, yellow brake calipers, and distinctive tail-lights underscores Xiaomi’s commitment to consistency in design.

Why does it matter?

Xiaomi’s entry into the automotive industry marks a significant milestone in its journey to provide the masses with a ‘dream car’ experience inspired by renowned brands like Porsche and McLaren. The MX11, with its Ferrari Purosangue-like proportions, aims to capture the imagination of the average consumer, offering a blend of luxury and affordability. Drawing parallels to Xiaomi’s smartphone philosophy of delivering flagship features at an accessible price point, the MX11 promises to revolutionize the SUV market with cutting-edge technology and spacious interiors.

How is it going to shape the future?

As Xiaomi gears up to unveil the MX11 and expand its electric vehicle lineup, speculations abound regarding the model’s performance and features. Anticipated to leverage budget-friendly batteries from Sunwoda, the MX11 is projected to hit the market in 2026, with an estimated price tag of 150,000 yuan (approximately 21,000 USD). With its growing presence in the EV sector, Xiaomi aims to build on its early success, with plans to deliver 120,000 units of the SU7 by 2024.

In the competitive landscape of electric vehicles, Xiaomi’s venture into the SUV segment with the MX11 embodies a blend of innovation, style, and affordability, setting the stage for a new era of mobility for the masses.