Revolutionary Electric Mini-Supermoto: Meet E-Clipse 2.0!


Electric mobility startup, Solar Scooters, introduces the E-Clipse 2.0, an electric motorcycle designed for urban and off-road riding, resembling the supermoto dream machine enthusiasts have been longing for. With a top speed of 65 miles per hour, powered by a 13-kilowatt mid-drive electric motor and a 72-volt battery with a 70-mile range, the E-Clipse 2.0 combines performance and sustainability in one sleek package.

Why does it matter?

The E-Clipse 2.0 stands out for its blend of power and endurance, boasting hand-woven carbon-fiber chassis, fully adjustable suspension, and remote locking for security. Despite its premium price tag of $6,795.95 USD, Solar Scooters targets the future of electric mobility with this innovative model, challenging traditional gas-powered alternatives in the market. The rise of performance-oriented electric motorcycles like the E-Clipse 2.0 signals a shift towards a more exhilarating and environmentally conscious riding experience, offering hope for enthusiasts seeking thrills in the electric vehicle industry.

How is it going to shape the future?

With the E-Clipse 2.0 leading the way, the electric motorcycle market embraces a new era of excitement and innovation, steering towards a future where sustainable mobility meets high-performance standards. Solar Scooters’ dedication to creating cutting-edge electric vehicles encourages other manufacturers to explore electrification in the realm of motorcycles, promising a dynamic landscape for riders looking for adrenaline-packed adventures on two wheels. The E-Clipse 2.0 sets the stage for a thrilling future where eco-conscious design and thrilling performance converge, paving the way for a new generation of electric supermotos and redefining the standards of urban and off-road riding.