Introducing GAC Aion Y Plus: All-Electric SUV in Indonesia


GAC’s Aion brand officially launched its Indonesia strategy by introducing the Aion Y Plus all-electric SUV in Jakarta. The vehicle offers two trims – Exclusive and Premium – with impressive ranges of 410 km and 490 km, respectively. Priced between 415,000,000 – 475,000,000 IDR (25,200 – 28,900 USD), the Aion Y Plus aims to capture the Indonesian market, deemed as the largest in Southeast Asia. GAC Aion also announced plans to establish a localized R&D, production, and sales system in collaboration with local dealer group Indomobil.

Why does it matter?

This move signifies GAC Aion’s strategic entry into the ASEAN markets, highlighting its commitment to global expansion. With plans to set up production and sales bases in multiple regions worldwide, the company is positioning itself as a key player in the electric vehicle sector. The Aion Y Plus boasts 13 trims in the Chinese market, featuring a sleek design, advanced smart cockpit technology, and various battery pack capacities to cater to different driving needs.

How is it going to shape the future?

The introduction of the Aion Y Plus in Indonesia symbolizes a shift towards sustainable mobility solutions in the region. As electric vehicles gain traction globally, GAC Aion’s focus on expanding its market reach and production capabilities sets a precedent for other automakers. With a comprehensive lineup and innovative features, the Aion Y Plus paves the way for a greener, more technologically advanced future in the automotive industry.