Stellantis Fast Tracks Leapmotor T03 Production in Poland

Stellantis is taking swift action following the announcement of EU tariffs on Chinese electric vehicle imports, with plans to produce Leapmotor T03 models in Poland starting last week. With Stellantis acquiring a stake in Leapmotor and forming a joint venture, production in Europe is starting ahead of schedule. This move comes after CEO Carlos Tavares reconsidered the cost-effectiveness of importing versus local production in light of higher than expected tariffs. The European production costs for the T03 are competitive, with the sales network set to expand rapidly across the continent. The T03 will face competition from the Dacia Spring in the European market, with plans for additional Leapmotor models in the coming years. The future looks promising for the collaboration between Stellantis and Leapmotor, as they accelerate production and introduce new electric models to the market.