Preorder the Exclusive M-Hero 917 Dragon Armor Edition Now!

The much-anticipated M-Hero 917 Dragon Armor Edition is now up for grabs, and it’s a beast! Priced between 105,800 to 119,600 USD, this SUV is a product of Dongfeng’s collaboration with the movie “Operation Red Sea 2.” The vehicle boasts a desert storm military paint job, carbon fiber detailing, and a slew of outdoor accessories like a fire axe and fuel tank – perfect for adventurers.


Inside, the Dragon Armor Edition rocks a standard gray interior inspired by Chinese dragons, with the option to switch things up with white or orange. The tech is impressive with three large screens and Nappa leather seats. Not to mention, you can upgrade the interior to carbon fiber trim – talk about luxury off-roading!

Why does it matter?

Choose between the BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) or EREV (Extended Range Electric Vehicle) versions. The BEV sports a powerful four-motor system and a 505 km range. On the other hand, the EREV has a 1.5T engine acting as a range extender, with a whopping 1,032 km range. These models sit on Dongfeng’s advanced M-Tech platform, promising top-notch performance and efficiency.

How is it going to shape the future?

M-Hero, a brand under Dongfeng, has a rich military vehicle heritage and is now making waves with its electric SUV offerings. After successful testing overseas, the M-Hero 917 has hit the roads in Switzerland and is eyeing markets in the EU and the Middle East. Despite potential hurdles like newly imposed EU tariffs, Dongfeng’s expansion plans remain ambitious and promising. Buckle up for a thrilling ride with the M-Hero 917 Dragon Armor Edition!