Get the Scoop on GAC Trumpchi’s ES9 Upgrades!


GAC Trumpchi recently launched two upgraded variants of its ES9 model – the PRO+ and MAX+. Priced at 229,800 and 249,800 yuan (approximately 31,650 USD and 34,400 USD) respectively, these new models feature notable enhancements while maintaining the sleek design of their predecessors. The PRO+ emphasizes luxury and comfort, offering impressive features such as an AR-HUD head-up display system, panoramic electric sunroof, sound-insulating front windows, and wireless phone charging. On the other hand, the MAX+ model focuses on safety upgrades, including front fog lights, anti-glare high beams, aviation headrests, and advanced safety technologies like AQS air quality control and collision warning alerts for the driver.

Why does it matter?

These new ES9 variants showcase GAC Trumpchi’s commitment to innovation and competitiveness in the automotive market. With an array of luxury and safety features, the PRO+ and MAX+ models cater to the evolving needs and preferences of consumers looking for premium plug-in hybrid SUVs. The addition of advanced technologies like facial recognition, gesture interaction, and a knee airbag not only enhances the driving experience but also prioritizes safety and convenience.

How is it going to shape the future?

The introduction of these upgraded ES9 models signals GAC Trumpchi’s strategic focus on meeting market demands for eco-friendly and feature-rich vehicles. By combining luxury, performance, and safety in these new variants, GAC Trumpchi is poised to set new standards in the mid-to-large SUV segment. As the automotive industry continues to embrace electric and hybrid technologies, GAC Trumpchi’s advancements with the ES9 models position the company as a key player in driving future innovations and redefining the concept of modern SUVs.

This move also aligns with GAC Group’s overall market performance, with significant sales growth reported in recent months across various models. With a strong emphasis on sustainable mobility and customer-centric features, GAC Trumpchi’s ES9 upgrades reflect a broader shift towards advanced hybrid systems and cutting-edge automotive technologies in the evolving automotive landscape.