Xpeng G6 Electric SUV: Pre-orders Temporarily Unavailable!


Xpeng, a Chinese electric vehicle (EV) brand, recently had its Australian G6 electric SUV pre-orders page taken down shortly after it was posted on the local website. The pre-orders required a $990 deposit and generated significant interest among potential buyers and EV enthusiasts. The G6 SUV, equipped with a lithium-iron-phosphate battery and impressive fast-charging capabilities, offered both a base model and a long-range variant with different battery sizes and ranges. Xpeng’s move into the Australian market comes amidst a wave of new EV brands establishing a presence in the country.

Why does it matter?

The temporary availability of Xpeng’s G6 pre-orders in Australia sheds light on the expanding EV market and growing competition among manufacturers. With the anticipation surrounding Xpeng’s entry into Australia, the interest from consumers underscores the shifting landscape towards electric vehicles. The pricing details and features of the G6 SUV position it to be a strong contender in the market, potentially offering a competitive alternative to existing EV models. Xpeng’s focus on global expansion, including plans for a right-hand-drive model and entry into various international markets, signals its ambitions to become a major player in the EV industry.

How is it going to shape the future?

Xpeng’s strategic moves in introducing the G6 electric SUV in Australia and other markets not only contribute to the diversification of EV options but also drive innovation and technological advancements in the industry. The emphasis on fast-charging capabilities, battery range, and performance highlights the evolving standards for electric vehicles, pushing other manufacturers to keep pace with customer demands. As Xpeng continues to expand its presence globally and explore new markets, the competition in the EV sector is expected to intensify, leading to further developments in sustainable transportation solutions. Overall, Xpeng’s initiatives reflect a broader trend towards a more electrified automotive future, setting the stage for continued growth and evolution in the EV market.